Sunday, June 04, 2006

Sharing Needles with Doc Zhivago and Plan 9

NO not those needles, shame on you! But my Q-Bert signature Ortofon's are simply the tits! I recommend them fully to any DJ whether you want to get scratchy or smooooth with the grooves. These mofos perform!

Doc Zhivago chuggin' the Stella Artois like its no one's business and another nice bloke!

Whoa, look at all the purty lights!

Can anyone say D-E-E-P house? I think the Doc can!

I like it when Doc works headlines with non-house DJs because he always puts something a little edgier in there to draw some real blood!

Plan 9 ripping it up propper! He gets the head-knod for treating my babies well and for spinning Prodigy's Poison during his set. Hell yeah!

Get a load of this and this!